Jul 252013

green lifeSince people became aware of the negative effects of smoking, many ways to help people kick the smoking habit have been developed. Physical products such as nicotine patches and nicotine gums have been introduced to the market. Countless books, programs, seminars have also been developed about the subject. A few years ago, some government agencies have even forced cigarette manufacturers to put warning labels on their packages to discouraged the public from smoking. Still, smoking is still considered as a major health concern. Clearly, better ways to quit smoking are still needed. One of the more promising ways to help smokers to quit is the use of electronic cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette is a product that is designed to look and feel just like a real cigarette. It even emits smoke at its tip just like a real cigarette. The main difference between a real and an electronic cigarette is that the latter does not contain tobacco which makes it a healthy alternative to cigarettes. Tobacco contains substances that can cause certain forms of cancer especially when people are exposed to it for a long period of time. Electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine which is what smokers actually crave and look for. This is the reason why people who use electronic cigarettes do not miss smoking the real thing.

The nicotine that can be found in electronic cigarettes come in liquid form. Each unit of the electronic cigarette contain a tiny atomizer that gets activated every time a user puffs on the device. The atomizer then converts the liquid nicotine into smoke. What makes electronic cigarettes one of the best means to quit smoking is that it provides a nicotine hit almost instantly. On the contrary, nicotine patches and gums take a long time to take effect. Just like a real cigarette, the nicotine cartridges used by electronic cigarettes also come in different strengths. So if you are just starting to quit smoking, you can start with a cartridge that has full strength and gradually move your way down as your craving decreases and eventually quit smoking altogether.

In most cases, smokers fail with the other means to quit smoking is that the other ways do not assimilate the act or “ritual” of smoking. Smokers actually miss getting a nicotine hit from a small cylindrical object ghat they put in their mouths and puff. Obviously, nicotine patches and nicotine gums do not provide this satisfaction. Only an electronic cigarette can take the place of an actual cigarette when it comes to imitating the experience of smoking. Among the ways to quit smoking, using an electronic cigarette is also one of the most economical. Regularly buying gums and patches can quickly add up and take its toll on your budget. With an electronic cigarette, you only need to replace the cartridges which usually cost around $5 for a set of five.

Based on the proofs presented above, one can clearly see that the use of electronic cigarettes beats other ways to quit smoking.